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The Process of Creating Your Bespoke Suit

Your experience at our shop should be memorable and life-changing. At The Bespoken Mogul in Columbus, Ohio, we want to ensure that you are thoroughly educated about the differences between our $499.00 and our $4,999.00 bespoke suits. Our process is incredibly simple, but we still want you to know what to expect.

Step One: Choosing the Right Haberdasher

There is little guess work in what we do. We offer more than 13,000 fabrics, but all of our haberdashers are familiar with the options and know what will look best on you. You can schedule your appointment during our regular hours or on the weekend.

Step Two: Getting Measured

Early in the process, we take 36 specifically designed measurements. These are used as we build your suit. This does not force you into a purchase. While you are becoming familiar with the fabric options and letting them speak to you, we are creating a client profile that ensures easy ordering for years to come.

Step Three: A Proper Education About Fabrics

The most crucial part of our process is ensuring that you are fully knowledgeable. We believe that you should be able to understand the meaning of super weight, microns, the history of the fabric that you select, and what goes into manufacturing it. Anyone is able to buy the best fabrics, but your extensive knowledge will add to the process.

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Step Four: Designing Your Look

A bespoke garment is completely handmade, so we start with a blank slate and build a wearable masterpiece for you. No two bespoke garments are ever the same. Your suit is truly yours and yours alone. When designing, you choose:

• Number of Buttons
• Lapel Size
• Stitching
• Color of the Lining

• Monogram Style & Words
• Number of Vents
• Pockets
• Pocket Placement & Much More

Step Five: Delivery & Fitting

We will hand-deliver your selection to you 21 to 27 days after your initial measurements are taken. During this time, we ensure a perfect fit. If your body has changed or you don't like the initial fit, we are happy to help you. We will take the garment to an approved tailor, make the necessary alterations, and return your purchase to you.

Everything can be adjusted to fit a different body type. Our professionals do not leave until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your purchase.